Hands On Training


Hands On Training
Oceanside Yacht Club OYC

COST: FREE to members
(optional $55 student kit)

5-6 April 2019
3-4 May 2019
14-15 June 2019
9-10 August 2019
11-12 Oct 2019
4-5 Jan 2020

Classroom Max = 8 Students
Friday Skill Demonstration:  All Friday Class Times:  6-9 pm
Hands On Training:  All Saturday classes are on the water in instructor’s boat, boat can hold 4 students and instructor, so the 8 students will be broken up to 2 classes, you may attend the 9am – 1pm class or 1pm – 5pm class.  Students must attend the Friday Skill Demonstration first.

Do you want to establish your boating credentials? Maybe upgrade your boating resume´ for chartering or state requirements? Maybe save on insurance premiums? Your USPS Boat Operator Certification (BOC) will accomplish all of the above, and more. Get tested in a supportive environment and become USPS certified!

The BOC Program certifies USPS members at various levels of recreational boating proficiency.  Each level of certification requires achievement of prior levels, the successful completion of particular skills and seminars, plus the demonstration of essential skills on the water.  

For more information on the programs listed here please contact –  Shawn Goit

Ocean Navigator
Southwest Yacht Club SWYC
12-13 March 2019